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My Mission Statement

My mission is to be a trusted and reliable advocate for our public education system by listening to our students, educators, staff, and families in the Sioux City School District.

My Vision

My vision is to empower the community to use their voices in order to create the changes they want to see when it comes to our public education system through civic engagement. 

The Why

Any parent, teacher, faculty member, or student that chooses public education should feel supported and equipped with the best tools, resources, and connections that prepare them for the real world.


Every student that attends our Sioux City School District should have equal access to the best teachers, resources, and education regardless of where they live.


Educators and faculty spend at least eight hours or more with our children during the school year shaping our future - they should be supported, appreciated, and heard.


Parents should feel confident that their child is receiving the best public education possible. Our taxpayers should have a say and consent on how and where their money is spent for our community when it comes to public education funding.

Most importantly, our students, parents, and faculty need to have representatives on their school board that truly represent them - the Sioux City School District student body is very diverse. We need to make sure that everyone has a seat at the table and that lived experiences are heard and considered when making decisions that impact educational pathways.

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